Questions & Answers

When is the bungyjump season open?

Bungyjump Copenhagen is open from May to October each year, so push your or your friends limits by booking here!

How much does it cost?

One jump – DKK 645,-
Additional Jump (Same Jumper) – DKK 325,-
Tandem Jump (Two Jumpers At The Same Time) – DKK 975,-
Additional Tandem Jump (Same Jumpers) – DKK 475,-
GoPro Recording Of The Jump (SD-Card) – DKK 150,-
Personal Punchcard (5 Jumps) – DKK 1.500,-

Book your jump here!

How old do I need to be?

You need to be at least 14 years old.

NOTE you need a written permission from your parents or guardian if you are under 18 years old.

Is It safe to Bungy jump?

Yes, our elastics are specially made for Bungy Jump Cph. They are all equipped with an over-stretcher, which means that our elastics are never overloaded.

Annually Bungyjump Copenhagen is approved by the Force Institute to perform Bungyjump.

NOTE If you have any of the statements mentioned in the following question, please consult your doctor before jumping, as we can not assess how bad your back, your leg, or your heart is.

Any Physical Precautions?

If you have any of the following statements, please consult your doctor before jumping, as we can not assess how bad your back, your leg, or your heart is.

– You are not allowed to jump if you are under influence of alcohol, are on strong prescription medicine or euphoric substances.
– If you have back-, knee or ligament injuries, have a bad heart or other serious circulatory diseases, you are not allowed to jump.
– Pregnant women and people with epilepsy cannot jump either.
– You weight less than 45 kg or more than 135 kg.
– People who perform a tandem jump together with a total weight of over 170 kg.

From what height do you jump?

All jumps take place from 69 meters height. You jump from a crane beyond the water.

How long does it take to jump?

The bungyjump check-inn, briefing and jump,takes approx. 25-30 minutes.
Please meet up 10 minutes before your booking.

How is the procedure?

1) Registration
Upon registration, you will be weighed, receive subsequent equipment and instructed to jump.

2) No loose objects
Empty the pockets. In the jump zone safety is first priority. Smoking and drinking are strictly prohibited as fire or broken glass can damage the safety equipment that will ensure you and others.

3) Attachment & Removal
You are attached to the elastic in-leg straps on each leg and a body harness, which is the primary safety. In some cases, the jumper slips out of the attached leg straps. It can, of course, be uncomfortable, but it is not dangerous as it is the body harness, which is responsible for the primary safety. If you have problems with leg injuries, we also do just jump in the body harness.

4) The Jump
The bungyjump starts 69 meters above the water. The experienced jumpmasters guide you before and after the jump, so you can jump without fear and enjoy the ride.

Can you jump together?

Yes, you can jump together with another person, what we call a tandem jump, if your total weight doesn’t exceed 160 kg. It’s most comfortable if you jump with a person roughly your height.

A tandem jump costs DKK 475,- per. pers
(Total price DKK 950,-). Book your jump here.

What if the weather is bad?

Our Jump Masters are constantly checking the weather conditions to determine whether it’s safe to jump or not.

What is your alcohol policy?

Jumpers: Drunk people are not allowed to jump. We always reserve the right to reject people if we judge them unfit to jump due to alcohol.

Spectators: You are not allowed to bring your own drinks, but you are able to buy beers, wine, and more in our beautiful bar.

Are you allowed to bring your own food and drinks?

It’s not allowed to bring your own food or drinks, but it’s possible to buy non-alcoholic as well as alcoholic drinks including beer, wine, soda, tee, coffee, etc. at our bar.

Where is Bungy Jump Copenhagen located?

Bungyjump Cph is located on Refshaleøen:
Refshalevej 325, 1432 København K.

It’s at the end of the road, where you jump right above the water of Copenhagen’s canal. Just look after the big white/blue colored crane.

Is it possible to buy a punchcard?

Yes, you can buy a punchcard containing 5 jumps for DKK 1.500,-.
Buy it here.

The punchcard is valid up to 36 months after purchase. It is personal which means it won’t be possible to give it or share it with anyone else than the person addressed.

It’s required to show ID when using the punchcard.

The punchcard and the order confirmation are sent as two separate e-mails.

Is it possible to buy a gift card?

Yes, we issue gift cards to Bungyjump, which will be sent to you directly by mail.
Order your gift card right here.

NOTE A gift card is valid up to 36 months after purchase.

A gift card isn’t personal, so we won’t be able to refund it if lost. A gift card can’t be refunded back to money after the right of withdrawal period of 14 days has run out.

Once the payment is completed, the gift card will be sent to your mail after approx. 30 seconds. The gift card and the order confirmation are sent as two separate e-mails.

My friend is getting married. Can we book a jump for the bachelor party?

Of course! Grab the bride/groom by the arm and give them the experience of their life.
Book here!

The Bachelor Deal
Bride/groom, one jump: DKK 645,-
GoPro recording of the jump (SD-kort) – DKK 150,-
Bride/groom + two friends – save DKK 200,-
Bride/groom + three friends – save DKK 300,-
Bride/groom + four friends – save DKK 400,-
Bride/groom + five friends – save DKK 500,-

NOTE Bachelor Party events can be booked through our self-service portal, but do write an e-mail to containing the number of people jumping and the booked date in order to receive your discount.

Is it possible to have our teambuilding/company event at your place?

Yes, we offer complete deals with food and drinks. So grab your co-workers by the hand and push your limits in a safe environment of our professional and specially-trained Jump Instructors. The jump will be an experience for life and give you a feeling of community.

Contact us by mail on or by calling +45 50 71 00 72 for booking and price.

Is it possible to hire Bungy Jump Copenhagen for a private event?

Yes! By agreement, our mobile Bungyjump team brings everything we need to make a jump to your event. We provide equipment, personnel, and crane.

You decide whether people have to pay you to jump or it should be free.
Minimum price for startup costs is DKK 40,000 plus VAT.

Contact us by mail or phone +45 50 71 00 72 for a fixed price.

Is it possible to have my bungy jump recorded?

Yes, Bungyjump Cph has equipment to record your jump. Be sure to mention it when you register.
Damaged recording will be refunded but Bungyjump Cph does not compensate for a new jump

Can I record the jump with my own equipment?

Yes and no. We must approve your camera setup before you are allowed. It is a matter of safety.

I won’t be able to make it – Is it possible to cancel or change my booking?

We kindly ask you to delete your booking, if you are prevented to show up.

You can delete your booking by accessing our website at, press hereafter on “book now”, then on the right side press “login – Ret/ Slet bookinger” and then log on with your e-mail and the 4 letters you received in the first mail.

Where can I park?

You can park right in front of Bungy Jump Cph remember to pay for the parking

Anything else I should know?

Am I allowed to jump naked?
– No, in fact, you may risk receiving a fine from the police.

Am I allowed to smoke?
– Yes, but only in certain areas to secure the safety of our equipment.

May we jump in the water for a swim?
– Absolutely not. It’s illegal and dangerous. It will lead to expulsion.

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the booked time!
We are looking forward to see you!